Clear Safety Defense Displays Shatter Proof Glass at Philly Home Show

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Clear Safety Defense Displays Shatter Proof Glass at Philly Home Show

We were excited to bring Clear Safety Defense and our Invisible Safety Laminate Film to over 50,000 attendees this year at the Philly Home Show, on Friday January 13th at 11am. Customers came from Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Delaware and beyond to see the latest and greatest in home trends for 2017.

Thanks to all of our family, friends and new friends for stopping at booth #820 at the Philly Home Show. We had a great time educating thousands of homeowners and business owners on the advantages of safety laminate film for your windows and glass doors.

While our video played at the booth on a constant loop, attendees of Philly Home Show were mesmerized that a laminate film that goes on the inside of their glass can provide such powerful results. First, we show burglars breaking into a home without safety laminate on the back sliding glass door. They were able to get in with just 3 smashes of a bat. The second shot showed the burglars trying to break the door with a hammer and could not understand why they couldn’t break the glass. Clear Safety Defense had been applied to the glass. After 12 tries, they decide to leave without a trace.

Video from Philly Home Show


Kids that stopped by the Philly Home Show thought it was a really cool action movie. Parents thought it was unique and homeowners stopped to think- wow my house has a lot of glass, could this happen to us? With crime and burglaries happening anywhere and everywhere, the answer is yes- my home could be a victim of burglary. Our new friends asked us a lot of questions about safety laminate, and we wanted to share our most frequently asked questions and answers with all of you.

Q- Wow, what is this and does it really work?
A- YES! It is an invisible laminate that is installed on the inside of your glass making it virtually unbreakable. Don’t just take our word for it, check out the video from the manufacturer of SafetyShield- the laminate takes over 53 hits with a bat and a crowbar.

Q- Can I install this myself?
B- We wouldn’t make you do that. Our installers are trained and certified to install safety laminate film to your glass, so we recommend you let us do all of the hard work.

Q- How long before the glass is protected with the film?
A- The film will take about 30 days to cure and adhere to the glass. We recommend not touching the glass until it has been dried, cured and is secure.

Q- Is it expensive?
A- Surprisingly no. Pricing will depend on the particular areas you’d like to secure- windows, doors, sliding glass doors, mirrors, skylights and more. Our most popular area for homeowners to secure are sliding glass doors, which start at $450. What’s the price for safety for your family?

Q- Is this safety laminate bulletproof and what is it made from?
A- While not necessarily bulletproof, the safety laminate can withstand winds of 200 mph, debris impacting the glass of 34mph, and has a break strength of 210 pounds per inch. That’s pretty powerful if you ask us! It’s made from a heavy duty polyester compound that adheres to your glass.

Q- Is this one size fits all?
A- We offer a variety of safety laminate for each individual project need. Some are looking for tint and UV protection, others need the thickest film available. We provide a custom analysis based on your security needs. Feel free to browse our website for some samples of our products at

We look forward to working with all of our new friends we met to secure your homes and businesses with Clear Safety Defense.


Window Film vs Window Safety Laminate

Let’s explore the differences between window film and window safety laminate. Window film is defined as a thin film or laminate that is installed to the interior of glass surfaces in cars, boats, homes and buildings. It is usually made from polyester due to its clarity, tensile strength, dimensional stability and ability to accept a variety of surface-applied or embedded treatments.

Window film has many benefits for home and auto:

  • Reduce fading of floors and furniture
  • Absorb harmful UV rays
  • Reduce glare
  • Reflection of sun, keeping temperatures cooler

Most consumers are familiar with tinted window film and its benefits. As Clear Safety Defense increases its base in the South Jersey and the Greater Philadelphia area, our customers are asking- so what exactly is safety laminate security film?

Window safety laminate is a clear or tinted laminate made from a heavy duty polyester compound.

Window safety laminate has many benefits:

(1) It makes it more difficult for an intruder to gain entry, as glass becomes virtually unbreakable.

(2) When attempted to be broken with trauma, the glass maintains its integrity, preventing dangerous shards from flying in our out.

Our customers are realizing the need for window safety laminate on their retail stores, office complexes, windows and sliding glass doors in their homes. They are protecting themselves from:

  • ‘Smash and grab’ burglaries
  • Thieves to steal belongings and medication from your home
  • Keeping students and teachers secure in schools
  • Winds and storms

Feel secure in your home or office day or night, with Clear Safety Defense protecting your glass.
Experience the powerful results of our window safety laminate security film here:

We offer complimentary Safety Checks for Schools, Government Facilities, Homes, Office Buildings and more. Call to schedule yours today, 856.888.4820 or contact us for safety tips and information on all of our products.