Security Cameras

South Jersey Security Cameras from CSD.South Jersey Security Cameras

After your glass is protected with Clear Safety Defense, homeowners and business owners in South Jersey look to security cameras for additional safety for their family, employees and stores. We provide a number of high definition surveillance products and indoor/outdoor cameras based on your security needs.

Residential South Jersey Security Cameras

Offering Dummy Cameras for the exterior of your home. Dummy cameras are equipped with a red LED light that blinks in 2 second intervals, keeping would be burglars away from your front or back door.

Commercial and Retail South Jersey Security Cameras

Clear Safety Defense can provide your business with stronger retail solutions by providing an effective surveillance project that will not only protect your product assets, but also see where and how your store can be improved.

South Jersey Security Cameras

Security Cameras have many available features such as:

  • People Counting
  • Intrusion Detection
  • Line Crossing for your entrance/exit points
  • Audio
  • DVR Recordings

Let Clear Safety Defense protect your home, office or family with safety laminate film for your glass and security cameras for your property.