The Installation Process:

Our expert installers will clean your window with soapy water, ensuring a clean dust free surface. We then carefully measure your glass, and cut the laminate film into one seamless piece, to apply to any window or glass door. The film is usually applied on the INSIDE of your glass, but can be applied on both the inside AND the outside glass for maximum protection.

After Clear Safety Defense has been applied to your glass, customers have the option to use different Anchoring Restraint System Solutions. These solutions use a flexible membrane that is attached to both the laminated glass and the window frame, serving to hold them both in place in the event of an explosion or attempted security breach.

The sole aim of any attachment system is to prevent the laminated glass from leaving the window or door frame, helping mitigate against injury or damage inside the building. It works by absorbing the additional energy that the glass is subjected to and redistributing it across the opening. The flexible membrane expands when the glass is acted on by an outside force, effectively absorbing a portion of the energy, ensuring that the glass and film remain within the frame.

Your Clear Safety Defense Safety Check and recommendation will include the anchoring system solution that is the most appropriate for your specific criteria and threat concern for your safety laminate film.  Please see our Product Specifications tab for additional information on the anchoring systems we use.


Once your project has been approved, we will work with you to select a date to install the safety laminate film, using our fully insured and certified installers within 2-4 weeks. Installation will be at your convenience during normal business hours.  We also ask for areas in front of the glass to be cleared and free of debris or furniture.  Our installers will use drop cloths to protect your belongings, and will clean the area once the installation is complete.  The Anchoring Restraint System Solution will be installed to the window or door once the safety laminate film is completely dry, usually within 3-4 weeks after installation. 

Clear Safety Defense is dedicated to providing excellence in clean, affordable, quality installations. As an authorized dealer and partner of SunTek, Madico and Sunscape window laminate film, we utilize the finest and latest equipment to consistently and efficiently provide quality service to both commercial and residential buildings.