Product Specifications

As a Llumar Premier Partner, Clear Safety Defense is proud to use Llumar Safety Laminate Film. Llumar has been at the forefront of glass and window safety, with their systems tested and designed to meet or surpass government and international safety requirements. Our installers have also completed the Lluimar Training Program, earning them certification for the application and installation of safety laminate film.

We offer multiple styles of safety laminate film to choose from, with a variety of film thickness, single or multi-ply, tensile and break strength.  All safety laminate film includes a 99% UV rejection.

Featured Product                                   Thickness                                  Break Strength                         

Madico 700                                             .008 mil                                      210 lbs/per inch                                                                  

Madico 800                                             .095 mil                                      240 lbs/per inch                     

Madico 1500                                           .017 mil                                      450 lbs/per inch                                   

Please see the corresponding flyers on the right for additional details on puncture strength, tensile and peel strength of our safety laminate film.

Anchoring Systems

After Clear Safety Defense has been installed to your glass, we recommend an anchoring system on your door or window frame to mitigate injury and reduce damage, in the event of breakage. If the window does break, it will stay in place and not shatter.  A variety of systems are offered to ensure we meet the required level of security for your project, and our experts will recommend the system best suited to your safety needs.

  1. LifeLine Anchoring System: Energy absorbing cords slow down and catch the glass, returning it to the direction from where it came. Used generally in factory or manufacturing glass.
  1. GullWing Anchoring System: A flexible membrane adhered to the glass and the frame that absorbs and disburses energy when glass is subject to trauma.
  1. Wet Glaze Anchoring System: Using a triangular sealant joint to connect the glass to the supporting frame. This also includes a high performance sealant adhesive.
  1. FrameGard Anchoring System: A mechanical attachment that clamps the laminated glass to the window frame, allowing the film to stretch if faced with trauma.