Simple Ways to Discourage Home Invasions or Break-ins

Simple Ways to Discourage Home Invasions or Break-ins

Today, we’ll focus on some simple ways to discourage home invasions or break-ins. As you may have heard, 40% of all home break-ins occur during day hours, when most families are out for the day. Here are some ways to tell those burglars to hit the road… and don’t you come back no more…!

5- Don’t Showboat in plain sight: Having expensive bikes, motorcycles, boats or fancy cars in the driveway is an attraction to those who don’t have and really really want. Keep items in a locked garage or storage unit- out of plain sight.

4- Trick them into thinking you’re home: Day or night, it’s easy to leave on lights, music, or even a TV. If that doesn’t get their attention, a giant guard dog may help- and he might even like the radio station you leave on…

3- Secure Sliding Glass Doors and Windows: Here’s where we come in. Glass is easily breakable, and within seconds, your home has an unwanted, uninvited new guest. By applying the Clear Safety Defense protective laminate to your doors and windows, you can be assured no one is getting through. Try as they might- with a fist, hammer, crowbar or razor- that glass has become tough as nails.

2- Don’t leave your spare key around: This may seem like a no-brainer, but we’ve all left spare keys under rocks, welcome mats, on top of lights or anywhere else a little too close to the front door. Instead, give your spare key to a neighbor or friend, not the flower pot.

1- Secure your yard: Trim those overgrown trees, shrubs and bushes- they become a great hiding spot for your uninvited guests. Keep your entryway and windows visible from the inside and outside so you won’t have a surprise visitor looking in your home during dinner.

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Until next week- stay safe and secure!